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Chat Rules

Post by Admin_Lila on Sun Sep 28, 2008 11:46 am

No foul language of any kind. If you're intelligent enough to read Twilight, you're intelligent to think of another word to express yourself.

No discussions of a violent nature. This includes joking, as well as references to television shows or movies.

Minimal netspeak. Please express yourself in the most intelligent way you know how.

Do not ask for or share your own personal information.

No links. Unless a moderator approves your link, do not paste it in the chat.

Let the moderators do their job. The moderators love to get to know you all, however they are here mainly to do their jobs. Please do not interfere with this in any way, or you may find yourself removed from the chat.

Remember to treat everyone fairly. Please make an effort to include everyone in the conversation, and to respect each person's opinion.

Keep discussions about religion and politics out of the chat.

The chatbox is for your enjoyment, but we take these rules seriously. The moderators in the chat have the right to ban or remove you from the chat if they see that you are acting inappropriately at any time. If you are found to have many problems in the chat, you will lose your privilege of using it.

If you have any questions or feel that you're being treated unfairly in the chat at any time, feel free to PM any staff member about it. They'll be happy to help you.

(Yes, I did copy this from TTF. But I admitted it, and I only copied it because I thought they explained it all.

I'm the boss of you. Don't forget that. =]. Jk, jk. But seriously. I rule.

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